The Intergenerational Dialogue

The last 12 months has been one of the most challenging for our country Nigeria, and for each Nigerian irrespective of our ethno-religious background and socio-economic standing because we had to experience the outburst of corona virus, lockdown and loss of loved ones adding salt to our injury we still had to experience the violence that came after the end sars protests which shook the core of the young people in our country.

The Dola Bamgboye Foundation was founded set up in December 2020 in the honor of Dola Bamgboye who passed away in October 2020.
We honor Dola’s work and memory by striving to improve life chances of young people.
The Dola Bamgboye Foundation believes that an INTERGENERATIONAL DIALOGUE is an opportunity for people from different generations to interact and exchange ideas around the constructive ways to engage people in power which will enable us ponder and create the way forward for a better outcome.

We believe that we can create a better understanding of the power relations that sustain us and strengthen our engagement for the future of our nation.

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