Long Term Objectives

  1. To support young people to organize and deliver a range of projects and activities that benefit their community.
  2. To provide financial and other contributions to schools, Social Education Programmes, special education initiatives, and individuals
  3. To create a network of ‘dream makers, to mentor, sponsor, and platform vulnerable young creatives over the course of the year.
  4. To recruit a pool of young mentees through clear recruitment criteria and engaging them where they are (Twitter, Instagram, NYSC Community development days, etc.)
  5. To train and support young people in community organizing, influencing, and advocating for the needs of young people.
  6. Enable young people to have a voice influencing decision-makers, policymakers around what is important to young people.
  7. Engage in social works and accept donations from all legally permitted sources locally and internationally considered incidental and conducive for the attainment of the objectives of the foundation.
  8. Provide facilities and programmes to meet the needs of youths as well as bridging the gap and maintaining the balance of intergenerational equity.
  9. Enhance youth development through effective empowerment programmes.